AuthAnvil and YubiKeys

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How are YubiKeys made?

In our controlled test lab, we were able to recreate one, in a not so traditional manner. Watch the video on the right to find out how.

When you combine your YubiKey with an AuthAnvil SoftToken, you get fast, strong, two factor authentication at the push of button.

YubiKey Core features

  • Works instantly, no need to re-type one-time passcodes from a device
  • Works on Windows, Surface RT, Mac, Linux, Android, etc.
  • Identified as a USB-keyboard, no client software or drivers needed
  • Minimized size; 2 mm thin, 3 grams
  • Practically indestructible; waterproof, crush safe, no battery
  • Integration within minutes with AuthAnvil SoftTokens
  • Two slots for multiple configurations: Bitlocker / TrueCrypt keys, etc.
  • Manufactured in USA and Sweden with best practice security processes
  • Lowest total cost of ownership for strong two-factor authentication