Toss your Token and Save the Planet

Time to renew those tokens? Don’t.

If you are tired of having to dispose of hardware tokens that are expiring, or just tired of carrying them around, we have a solution for you. Consider an AuthAnvil SoftToken.

AuthAnvil SoftTokens replace the need to carry a keyfob AND a phone. Instead it takes advantage of the computing power on your smartphone, allowing it to work just like a hardware token. Your phone will generate one-time passwords (OTP), producing them just like what you get from your hardware tokens. The difference? AuthAnvil SoftTokens NEVER expire. And they work with all the popular smartphones in the industry, including Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone and Android.

And it gets better. It’s FREE.

Go Green and Save Green

It’s simple really. We share this planet. At Scorpion Software we work to not only protect our clients, but protect the planet. Which is why we strive to be a carbon neutral company. It’s why we use recycled materials in all our packaging. Why we deliver all our software online instead of on CD. Why our own hardware tokens use replaceable batteries to extend their life. And why we developed AuthAnvil SoftTokens. It’s just the right thing to do.

So, for every twenty hardware tokens that our clients dispose of in an environmentally friendly manner, we will purchase one tonne of carbon offsets. That equates to offsetting the emissions created by approximately two months of driving in an average car, or six weeks of heating and lighting of a typical home. So by ‘tossing your tokens’, you can do your part to battle global warming, and protect our planet.

So how does it work?

Simply agree to dispose of your expiring tokens in an environmentally friendly manner within the next 30 days through an “Environmental Contract” with us. It’s a simple one page document that you sign and send back to us that shows your commitment to ‘toss your tokens’ and use AuthAnvil SoftTokens. In exchange, we will issue you the equivalent number of SoftTokens for each token you dispose of, absolutely FREE. And then after the next month of AuthAnvil service that you use with us, we will take a portion of those earnings to purchase carbon offsets from LivClean Carbon Offset Solutions to balance against the disposal of those old tokens.

LivClean then invests that money into the Soderglen Wind Farms in Alberta, Canada.

Take a look at the video that our founder took when he was conducting a site visit to the Wind Farm.

Ready to get started? Download our Environmental Contract.

Frequently Asked Questions


I did not purchase my keyfob tokens from Scorpion Software. Can I still take advantage of this offer?


Absolutely. Whether you are an existing client, or you have purchased your tokens through a competing vendor and now want to become our client, the offer to exchange hardware tokens from any vendor for AuthAnvil SoftTokens is the same.


Not all of my staff have smartphones. Can I still benefit from this offer upgrading to your hardware tokens?


Yes, we do offer a competitive upgrade program, allowing you to purchase hardware tokens from us. You will benefit from buying our tokens that never expire, and contain replaceable batteries that extend their use. If you replace your existing hardware tokens by purchasing ours, we will provide AuthAnvil subscription credit equivalent to 20% of the cost of your hardware token purchase. That equates to approximately three months of free service from us for each token purchased.


What types of phones do AuthAnvil SoftTokens work with?


We support devices that run Windows Mobile/Phone, RIM Blackberry, Apple iPhone and Google Android operating systems.


Can I evaluate AuthAnvil and your AuthAnvil SoftTokens before I make a decision?


Sure. You can access an online evaluation system by visiting


What are carbon offsets?


A carbon offset is a financial instrument aimed at a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon offsets are measured in metric tons of carbon dioxide-equivalent (CO2e) and may represent six primary categories of greenhouse gases. One carbon offset represents the reduction of one metric ton of carbon dioxide or its equivalent in other greenhouse gases.


How do you audit compliance with this program?


Working with research from the David Suzuki Foundation, we select carbon offset companies who are strong performers showing as having a relatively high likelihood of creating real reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. From there, we require these companies to provide Independent Audit Reports from credible agencies such as KPMG.

You can learn more about the David Suzuki Foundation research here.

You can review the carbon offset audit report of one of the companies we use here.