Redirecting OWA login to RWWGuard 2008

There may be times when you may wants to redirect OWA2007 to RWWGuard on SBS or EBS 2008. To do that, you should use the RWWGuardSentry HTTP module, designed for IIS7. The following is a step by step guide in doing so.

  1. Download the RWWGuardSentry.dll from here to the target server.
  2. Copy RWWGuardSentry.dll to C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerClientAccessOwaBin
  3. Open the web.config at C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerClientAccessOwa with Notepad. You will need to do a “Run as administrator” to elevate Notepad with enough permissions to write out the file.
  4. Edit the <httpModules> section and add the following:
    <add type="ScorpionSoftware.RWWGuard2008.RWWGuardSentryModule" name="RWWGuardSentryModule"/>
  5. Edit the <appSettings> section and add the following:
    <add key="SentryMethod" value="OWA" />
    <add key="SentryURL" value="/owa/auth/" />
    <add key="SentryRedirectTarget" value="/remote/logon.aspx" />
    <add key="SentryDebug" value="FALSE" />
  6. Save the file.

At this point if you go directly to /owa on the Exchange server, you will be redirected to RWWGuard.