Software subscriptions have never been easier!

How does it work?

Simple really. Randomly through the month the AuthAnvil Licensing Manager (ALM) will send us an update on how many users are using our product(s). We take the peak usage during the month and charge you for only those users.

As an example, imagine that the ALM contacted us 4 times throughout the month. The first time it told us you had 3 users active. Then 5. Then 10. Then 7. We would take the largest checkin of 10 and multiply it by your current charge rate.

ie: 10 x $5.00 = $50 for the month

What makes a user “active”?

It all depends on the product:

  • AuthAnvil Password Server: When a user has an account that is currently enabled in the AuthAnvil Password Server.
  • AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth: A user is considered “active” when a token is assigned to them, and that token is enabled in the AuthAnvil Manager.
  • AuthAnvil Single Sign On: When a user within the AuthAnvil Manager has been “enabled” for SSO support.

Are you going to charge us for each product we use?

No. We take the peak usage of all three products, and charge your account for the highest one users. So if you had 10 users checking in with AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth, 5 with AuthAnvil Single Sign On and 7 with AuthAnvil Password Server, we would charge you for 10 users.

When and how do you charge us?

We process accounts on the 1st of every month for the last month’s usage, charging your pre-registered VISA, MasterCard or American Express.

What if I manage more than one AuthAnvil server?

That’s ok. The licensing manager records all the usage from your different servers and combines them into one monthly bill. You can review previous usage and filter down to each one of your AuthAnvil servers based on the “Friendly Name” you configure in the ALM at each branch office or site.

What happens if my credit card is declined or my credit balance hits $0.00?

If this occurs, the ALM will allow AuthAnvil to run in a “grace mode” for 30 days so you can take care of this issue. You will be informed in the Customer Portal, by email, through AuthAnvil Audit Logs and the Windows Eventlog of this issue, allowing you to correct the problem. If after 30 days you have NOT taken care of this, your subscription account will be LOCKED and service will be interrupted until you correct the problem.

What if my AuthAnvil server does not have Internet access?

The ALM requires Internet access to function. If it cannot reach our services, it will cease to function after 72 hours. If your AuthAnvil server does not have such network access, please contact immediately.

If you have more than 50 seats you can prepay on a yearly basis and receive an offline ALM.