Password Synchronization

A good password management system will allow you to properly store passwords, audit its strength and report on who has seen it. A great password management system takes it to the next level by also going out and verifying that what was stored in the system actually matches the endpoint that consumes it. And immediately reports when it doesn’t.

And that’s exactly what the AuthAnvil Password Server does.

When a password is “in sync” it has been verified to match with what is stored in the Server. And we check this every single day. But we can actually do more than check for synchronization. When it’s not in sync we can alert you and allow you to change it, if desired. In other words, we can change the password on the end system so it DOES match with what is in the Server. And with complete audit reporting and change management intact.

It doesn’t end there. We go beyond that. In many cases, a password may impact more than one system or service. As an example, a domain administrator credential may also be used in a Windows Scheduled Task, or maybe even a service account. In the AuthAnvil Password Server, we handle this with something called sync chains. This is basically a list of items we will also change when we change the password on the system. Some examples of items that can be part of a sync chain include:

  • Domain user passwords
  • Local standalone (WorkGroup)¬†user passwords
  • Remote standalone (WorkGroup) user passwords
  • Scheduled Tasks passwords


We also have a built in API that allows us to extend this in the future. So if you have a special need to synchronize a special password or service, let your account manager know. We will see what we can do.