Password Auditing

Inside of every feature in the AuthAnvil Password Server, an irrefutable audit log item is created to completely track every single operation. This becomes vitally important when you want to report on the risk of passwords in the vaults. Meeting strict requirements for compliance auditing, we expose several interfaces to allow us to generate extremely useful reports. Examples include:

  • “What passwords does a user still know?”
  • “Top 10 passwords accessed in the last 30 days”
  • “What permissions have changed recently?”
  • “Who received password approval recently?”
  • “What passwords are out of sync?”
  • “What vault settings have changed recently?”

These are just a few of the dozens of different reports that can track security of passwords, vaults and users. Users with “audit” privileges can run these reports and see exactly who has seen what and when.

Used in conjunction with password synchronization, the results of a report can immediately be applied to affect password expiration. As an example, if you know a staff member is leaving the organization you can run the “What passwords does a user still know?” report and then click the button that says “Expire these passwords” to immediately inform the AuthAnvil Password Server to change the password(s) to a random strong password meeting the password complexity policies of that vault. And if any passwords cannot be synchronized, the password owner will be informed in his daily Task List to change them as soon as he can.

Now you can have confidence that your password management system will handle the change management process properly for you. And always report to you if you have expired passwords that are still at risk.

Pretty cool, huh?