Google+ Hangouts

Teleworking During the Holidays

In this Holiday Hangout, Dana will chat with some of our favourite customers about their thoughts on allowing staff to telework over the holidays and how this can be a real business opportunity in the coming weeks.

Hangout was broadcast live on: Tuesday, December 18 @ 3pm PDT.

Can we have Cloud Confidence with Office 365?

In our first Google+ Hangout On Air, watch Microsoft MVPs as they explore the benefits and drawbacks of taking businesses to the Cloud with solutions like Office 365. Then enjoy a sneak peak at how Scorpion Software is helping to build cloud-based trust with on-premise control with AuthAnvil for Office 365.

MVP’s in attendance: Dana Epp, Susan Bradley, Amy Babinchak and Robert Crane

Hangout was broadcast live on: Wednesday, September 12 @ 5pm PDT.