Password Server Downloads

Here you can find download links and usage information for the AuthAnvil Password Server, and all of the tools that Scorpion Software provides to support and maintain the AuthAnvil Password Server.

AuthAnvil Password Server Software

Integration Components

  • Kaseya 2FA Addin – (Contact Support if you have purchased this Addin) – Integrates the AuthAnvil Password Server user interface into Kaseya. Users can also configure AuthAnvil Single Sign On v3.0 or later, as well as the 2FA Addin for Kaseya v3.0 or later to remove the need to log in to the AuthAnvil Password Server inside Kaseya.
    Type: Kaseya 2 plugin
    Usage: See the AAPS Addin Installation Guide for installation and usage instructions.

Usability Tools

  • Bulk Vault Import Script (v1.6) | (v1.5) – Allows you to import a large quantity of Scopes -> Vaults -> Passwords into your AuthAnvil Password Server based on folders and password import files (.csv).

    Type: Command Line PowerShell 2.0 script (ZIP package)
    Usage: See the Readme.txt inside the ZIP for instructions.

Legacy Downloads