Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Our goal at Scorpion Software is to solve the obvious problems with passwords that others ignore, and are looking for new members to join the team. To learn about our current job postings, please visit our page on LinkedIn. We look forward to hearing from you!

Internship Program

Are you a college or university student looking for an internship in the software industry? Or maybe someone who is trying to save up for college and needs an opportunity to get into the information security field? Scorpion Software is the place for you!

We are on the lookout for candidates with the passion to learn and be part of a team creating information security software to help increase the security effectiveness of Microsoft Windows environments. Who knows what you might get to work on. One day you might be helping us build a new authentication agent for a new application we protect, and the next day helping us streamline our IT workflow for the company. From testing to dev, sales to support... we are quite busy and always interested in teaching and learning from our interns.

If you are interested in interning with us, please forward your resume to While we appreciate all submissions, only selected applicants will be contacted.